Siuna's outstanding photographer shares knowledge at URACCAN

By: Jose Garth Medina

One of the important aspects in the pedagogical model of the Intercultural Community University, URACCAN, is to combine scientific knowledge with the knowledge of our peoples, from this perspective, the outstanding photographer of Siuna, Marlon Pérez, shared his knowledge with students of the degree in Intercultural Communication, of URACCAN enclosure Las Minas.

The prominent Siuneño photographer gave a lecture on the exercise of photography and the learnings that have led him to stand out and be characterized by his photographic work. Pérez highlighted his participation in a course with an Italian facilitator, but the rest has been self-taught learning, but he has also been driven by his passion for photography.

Sharing knowledge and doing

Students of Intercultural Communication are receiving the subject of photography II, in which a conference was established with a photographer to know the experiences from practice.

PracticeIn this sense, Pérez was categorical in pointing out that to make good photos you have to learn to introduce the necessary light into the camera, because he remembered what photography means to write with light, that means that you must play very well with speed, and all the necessary elements to capture good images.

After explaining what each of the photographic elements means, from technicians to practical ones, he proceeded to send students to take photos in the URACCAN multipurpose field, so that they would become familiar with the equipment and the various sites.

Intercultural learning

In the end in the evaluation, Pérez pointed out that to make a good take of the photograph you need to look for the best angle and for this you have to move to different sides until you find the perfect place.

Algiers Hernandez, student, said that practice was very important as that allowed him to better understand the theory, since I can perform, in a practical way, the theoretical exercises received.

The URACCAN University implements its pedagogical model, giving the value they have, to our ancestral knowledge of our peoples and communities for Intercultural Community Higher Education.

Photos: Jose Garth Medina and Marlon Pérez.