Research Team

Juan Francisco Perera Lumbí


He is a Master's degree in Forestry Sciences and Forestry Engineer with Guidance in Economics and Forest Management, both studies carried out at the Autonomous University of Chapingo, Mexico. With Specialization in Management and University Leadership in Multicultural Context, carried out at URACCAN; Technician in Agriculture and Livestock, held at the Bernardino Díaz Ochoa De Siuna Institute and Technical in Planning and Projects. From 2001 to 2007 he served as director of the Institute of Natural Resources Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES-URACCAN). From 2007 to date he served as Director of Research and Postgraduate And as Director of the Scientific Journals of URACCAN, Science and Interculturality and University Journal of the Caribbean

Freddy Leonel Brave Contreras

Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board

The Bachelor of Education self-determines as a poet, novelist, essayist, researcher and university professor in linguistics, literature, art, sociology and philosophy. He currently serves as editor of the Scientific Journals Science and Interculturality and University Journal of the Caribbean. Born in Guatemala, but his longest time has lived in Nicaragua

Juan Carlos Altamirano

Bilingual Editor

Graduated from URACCAN University in the Engineering Degree in Zootechnics, Bachelor of English, Graduated from Universidad Martín Lutero, and Master in University Teaching, also from URACCAN University. Experience in high school and higher education teaching for more than 10 years. Certified Teacher of TESOL Certificate, World Learning SIT Graduate Institute and Graduate of the International Research and Exchanges Board Program (IREX) - Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA. Very committed to education in Nicaragua and especially in the South Caribbean Region and the development of the English language in Nicaraguan education. He currently works in the Research and Postgraduate Area as Bilingual Editor at URACCAN University

Eysner Garcia

Graphic Designer

Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI), in the Career of Graphic Design. Bachelor's Seminars in: Management of Social Projects, Communication and Creation, Ethnodesign and Design Management. Conducted at UPOLI from September 2009 to May 2010. Extensive Experience in Editorial Design, Corporate Image, Web, Educational Design, Advertising, Campaigns (Social and Advertising) and Packaging (packaging or packaging of products). With a deep commitment to higher education on the Caribbean Coast. He currently works as a Graphic Designer at URACCAN University