Scientific production

160 investigations completed per year


20 issues of published Scientific Journals


169 articles published in their scientific journals


574, 649 item downloads


Scientific Production

⇒The scientific production of URACCAN, in the period 2013-2017 ranged from 153 to 160 investigations completed per year, with an average of 157.4. By enclosure, the data show that scientific production is distributed 28.46% in the New Guinean compound, 26.30% in the Las Minas enclosure, 23.76% in the Bilwi enclosure and 21.46% in the Bluefields enclosure.

⇒In 2013 to 2017, URACCAN published a total of 20 issues of its scientific journals, Science and Interculturality and the Caribbean University Journal, with 169 articles, 89 in Science and Interculturality and 80 in the Caribbean University Journal, 5 published articles are recorded in international journals; In addition, 21 books and 11 documents relating to institutional policies, regulations and regulations were published.

⇒The University's digital scientific publication has been very successful, in the period june 2011 to January 2018 reflects, 574,649 downloads of articles in pdf format were made, of these, 333,488 downloads were made on the URACCAN Magazine Portal, 205,853 in Lamjol and 35,308 on the Nicaraguan Journal Portal.

⇒In the period from August 2015 to November 2018, the journal Science and Interculturality has the first place in downloads of articles from the journals of public universities, and the second place of all the magazines hosted in Lamjol, only surpassed by the Journal of Law of the Central American University (UCA).

⇒In 2018 the Research and Postgraduate Directorate of URACCAN is part of:

  • The CSUCA Regional Research and Graduate System (SIRCIP).

  • The Central American University Publishing System of CSUCA.