Products and Impacts

⇒The creation of the CIS and the adoption of the Intercultural Gender Policy.

⇒Compose in curriculum review processes, to ensure the intercultural perspective of gender.

⇒Apertura of discussion and training spaces aimed at the university community, with special emphasis on the student community and the URACCAN authorities.

⇒ Participatory forming of the University's Intercultural Gender Policy, preceded by the implementation of a Gender Audit and complemented by the development of other institutional documents such as the Strategic Plan for the Operativization of the Policy and the Manual of Indicators for its monitoring.

⇒Validation and implementation of methodology of systematization of experiences from a gender intercultural perspective, for the reconstruction of methodological routes and experiences facilitated by the university.

⇒ Permanent discussions on the intercultural perspective of gender in the different formal spaces of the university.

⇒Deployment of transformation initiatives formulated by agents of change, and in articulation with the authorities of URACCAN, for the construction of intercultural gender citizenships.

⇒Fortalence of the Commissions for the Eradication of All Forms of Discrimination, Gender-Based Violence and Intolerance in URACCAN.

⇒Development of own research that reveals current and relevant information on the construction of gender relations on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

⇒Deployment and monitoring of specific guidelines, strategies and actions aimed at implementing the intercultural gender perspective.

⇒Powering indigenous women and Afro descendants by providing them with the tools, knowledge for strengthening their capacities to gain greater awareness in the exercise and promotion of their rights and in the exercise of their city as indigenous women and as indigenous and Afro-descendant women. elected garifuna woman as president of the Regional Council, women.