Institute of Natural Resources Environment and Sustainable Development

The IREMADES (Institute of Natural Resources environment and sustainable development) was founded in 1997. And since then IREMADES has been promoting accompaniment and knowledge management processes in different geopolitical scenarios to be local, national and international level promoting and incentivizing the conceptual and philosophical thematic diversity of the URACCAN University.

In order to contribute to the strengthening of governance and the Regional, Territorial, Municipal and Communal Regional Development Agenda, IREMADES has been promoting project and programme management with municipal, regional and national institutions, as well as with the authorities and leaders of the Communities of Multi-Ethnic and Multicultural Territories where the academic entity - URACCAN is developed.


Currently the offices of IREMADES are located in the bilwi, Siuna and Bluefields campuses having as their task the reactivation of the institute on the New Guinea campus as a strategic point of development of the region and the country in which the institution should be influenced.

  • Intercultural Management of Territoriality and Natural Resources in the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast

  • Capacity building of indigenous territories' participation in HR governance. NN for good living (FC 1, FC2 and FC3)

  • Globalization and Communication to Remote Communities: Environmental Impacts

  • Strengthening local capacities to address the effects of climate change on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and Honduras.

  • Strengthening capacities and conditions.

IREMADES Documents