URACCAN Socio-Environmental Information Center

The URACCAN Socio-Environmental Information Center, CISA is created in 2001 in the face of the problem of regional and territorial problems in which projects on Natural Resource Management are normally implemented without the necessary technical - scientific information.

The work of the Information Centre is focused on its self-development, the promotion of community social extension and the creation and recreation of knowledge with a focus on the establishment of data and indicators and social and environmental that help decision-making at different levels of the region


Currently cisA offices are located in the Bilwi, Siuna and Bluefields campuses having as their task the reactivation of the institute on the New Guinea campus as a strategic point of development of the region and the country in which the institution should be influenced.

  • Process of demarcation and titling of Territories of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast Case Awastigni

  • RACCN and RACCS Forest Management Plan

  • Installation and Administration of the SINIA NODE in SIUNA enclosure

  • Spatial and multitemporal analysis and Calculations of change cups from coverage information of the years 1990 2000 ,2008 2012, 2017 by analysis units at municipal levels protected areas and Indigenous Territories.

  • Updating the map of indigenous peoples in Central America

  • Handbook of interpretation of maps of indigenous territories of Nicaragua and their relations with Protected Areas and Natural Ecosystems.

CISA Documents