Products and Impacts

⇒Company to Tuahka Territory (Sauni Singka -Tuahka Territorial Government).

⇒Company to Matumbak territory (Sauni Arungka MATUMBAK territorial government, located in the community of Españolina-Bonanza).

⇒Compensations to Sauni As Territory (Sauni As Territorial Government).

⇒Working of teaching materials in order to strengthen languages through primary and secondary education.

⇒Systems of knowledge, wisdoms, knowledge, practices with GTIs (Indigenous Territorial Governments), indigenous Women's organizations.

⇒Comprehenations to territorial governments and GTI, women's organization, communal governments, wise and wise by area of knowledge, municipal authorities.

⇒Firmas of letters of understanding between territorial governments and URACCAN. To promote joint actions for the development and good living of communities.

⇒Going management for signatures of understandings with other territorial governments and women's organizations.

⇒Capitation of women's organizations, on innovation and ceiturism.

⇒Divulgation on student regulation in regional languages, themes of ephemeris of each month, through the radio program of the IPILC-URACCAN Extension Rosita, in space on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:4PM through Radio URACCAN Rosita.

⇒IPILC staff, provide one subject per semester.

⇒Fortalence of cultures and languages in the communities of mayangnas indigenous peoples.


⇒Investigation water and sanitation indigenous community Wassahbin (Wasakin), 2013.

⇒ Baseline Study (ELB) on the situational state of art of the regional regional regional educational subsystem (SEAR) on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

⇒Systemization of the methodology of the own forms of Cultivation and Breeding of Wisdoms and Knowledge of the Mayangna indigenous people, of the municipalities of Bonanza and Rosita, Costa Caribe Norte Autonomous Region" 2016 - 2017.

⇒Practice, Signs and Meaning on The Rights, Gender and Sexuality of Adolescents and Youth of Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Peoples (RAAN and RAAS, December 2014).

⇒Diagnosis on sages in the communities of Wassahbin and Fruit of Bread, Rosita (September 2018).

⇒ Violence and spirituality, from the worldview of the peoples of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua 2018.

⇒Re migratory processes vs regional autonomy "dreams and realities of the population cost 2019.