Products and Impacts

⇒Company to UNAN – Managua team for dialogue with authorities of the Enclosure and elaboration of the catalog of archaeological pieces that are preserved in URACCAN – Bilwi Enclosure.

⇒Compensation to BECO on territorial governance and indigenous territories.

⇒Company to AVOCENIC in the celebration of African Heritage month with activities in the different neighborhoods, culminating in a main event, the interregional festival with the accompaniment of the Secretary of Culture, the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture, INTUR, the Municipal Mayor and the Technical Commission to Care for Afro descendants of the Regional Government. As well as the development of the First Central American and Caribbean Forum on Afro-Descendant Peoples.

⇒Compose to Mayor of Bilwi in the revision and updating of the municipal development plan 2012 – 2025.

⇒Company to the Mayagna Sauni Bas territory for the realization of territorial assembly and territorial governance.

⇒Company to Twi Waupasa and Twi yahbra in the choice of ancestral authorities.

⇒Compose to the community of Tuapi in the elaboration of the life plan with identity and status of communal governance.

⇒Company to Sumubila in the elaboration of the multi-ethnic status of the community of Sumubila.

⇒Compose to Kamla in the elaboration of its communal status and in the election of its ancestral authorities.

Leadership and leadership training

⇒ Community Council on Negotiation and Mediation of Conflicts.

⇒Diploped in Intercultural Community Development.

⇒Diplolomado in Economic and Social Entrepreneurship

⇒6 editions of the Diploma in Indigenous Law.

⇒Diplorated in youth leadership and citizen security.

⇒Diplorated in development projects with an emphasis on the prevention of youth and gender violence from the worldview of PIA and Mestizos.

⇒Diploppado of Leadership, gender and community promoter for indigenous youth, men and women and mestizas of racCN in the territories of Twi Yahbra and Tasba Pri.

⇒Diplolomate Planning and Management for Territorial Governance and Conflict Management of the Mayagna Indian Territories: Sauni As, Sauni Bas, Sauni Arungka, Sauni Tuahka.

⇒Diplolomado in Leadership and Political Management in the Las Minas Campus with the participation of 30 leaders of the different political parties, civil society organizations and students of the URACCAN.

⇒Diploped in Leadership and Political Advocacy.

⇒Press Training Workshop with Cultural Managers on Community Museum Planning and Establishment. As a result of this process, we have become part of Nicaragua's network of museums.


⇒ Oral history about the process of agony, death and bereavement in the Afro-descendant People of Bilwi, RACCN by Dixie Lee and Sandra Rojas.

⇒Experience in the Creole Family of Bilwi, in the Rescue and Revitalization of Her Collective Identity by Elisa Martin, Loyda Stamp and Sandra Rojas.

⇒Types of ownership on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast by Marcos Williamson and Sandra Rojas.

⇒Map of Nicaraguan Indigenous and Afro-descendant institutions.

⇒Mapping of the social and political actors of the Caribbean Coast.

⇒Diagnosis of the satisfaction levels of territorial management of the GTI and A of Karata.

⇒Revitalization of the cultural traditions of the Miskitas communities of the municipalities of Puerto Cabezas and Waspam – North Atlantic Autonomous Region.

⇒Proposed articulation between Positive and Customary Law in situations of violence against women in multi-ethnic contexts in CEIMM – IEPA articulation.

⇒Re-creation of experiences: Intercultural Community Learning Spaces in the Municipality of Puerto Cabezas, RACCN (2018). Sesiah Davis and Yilda Lopez.

⇒Delogue of peace between the Government of Nicaragua and the Kisan Indigenous Resistance: Betting and main results by Scarleth Mejia and Anayansi Brooks.

⇒Sendas to recreate and walk the experience with a gender intercultural perspective.

⇒ Intercultural accompaniment policy of URACCAN.

⇒Working the proposed framework law on interculturality for the Indigenous Parliament of America (PIA).