Products and Impacts


⇒ Afro Study: Communication Practices of Creole Families in Multi-Ethnic Contexts of the Mining Triangle, Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region

⇒Studio Laboratories: Information Management through Information and Communications Technologies for the Strengthening of Intercultural Communication at URACCAN

⇒ Communication guide for information management on websites and social networks of URACCAN Communication Laboratories

⇒Relates and life stories of the Creole Families of the Mining Triangle

⇒In intercultural communication guide on the family experiences of the Creoles of the Mining Triangle

⇒Working and publishing the Report of the Workshop Cultivation and Aging of Wisdoms and Knowledge in Communication and Intercultural Higher Education "Cultural and intercultural diversity on a level playing field", Puembo, Ecuador, November, 2017.

⇒Working in conjunction with a team of researchers from the Methodology of Denoniminada Research Cultivation and Aging of Wisdoms (CCRISAC, 2nd Edition).

⇒Behave in the articulation and edition of the Camino de la RUIICAY.

⇒Behave in the articulation of the document System of Recognition, Evaluation and Accreditation of the Indigenous, Intercultural and Community Universities of Abya Yala.

⇒Compilation of the Institutional Profile of URACCAN, Intercultural Community University.

  • Proposals and elaboration of Consulting: Communication Plan for the Project: Support for the Implementation of the Intercultural Health Model and the Vivencial Practices of Traditional Medicine in RACCS.

  • Project: Online Diploma Intercultural Communication, the care of Mother Earth and the Good Life of Peoples.

  • Production and publication of the Journal of Intercultural Communication printed and digital: URACCAN daily.

  • Preparation and Design of the Intercultural Communication Strategy of the XXV Anniversary of URACCAN, 2019.

  • Preparation of the audiovisual documentary project of the XXV Anniversary

  • Design and production of Karibian Soul Tv Intercultural Communication Magazine

  • Community Channel Diagnostics and Programming Grill Development

  • Installation and foundation of Radio URACCAN Waspam

  • Preparation and production of Audiovisual Projects

  • Organization and implementation of the Second International Conference on Intercultural Communication. I obtain a final declaration that contributes to the Action Plan of the III Regional Conference on Higher Education (CRES 2018).

  • Elaboration of communication and visibility plans for institutional events and participation of URACCAN at the international level.

  • Organization of the First Panel on Intercultural Communication in greeting to the National Day of journalist in Nicaragua, in URACCAN.

  • Production, Edition and Publication of URACCAN Magazine up to date in Print and Digital version, since 2016 (retouched since 2016).

  • Admission of the ISBN for the protection of intellectual property of URACCAN Magazine up to date in Print and Digital versions.

  • The articulation and coordination of communication laboratories.

  • Accompaniment to communication laboratories and teamwork of communication products.

  • Reached 4th place on websites of national universities, universiadades web ranking.

  • Development of the URACCAN Bluefields Radio Marketing Plan

  • - Preparation of a base document for the implementation of an Intercultural Communication Agency: Titan Yamni Communications.

  • - Preparation of the Marketing Plan of the Titan Yamni Communications Agency

  • - Opening of computerized graphic design for strengthening visual communication from an intercultural perspective.

  • Live Broadcasting International Conference on Intercultural Communication, 2018

  • Live broadcast VII URACCAN Student Congress 2019

  • Updating the institutional website

  • Conducting the Illustrative Manual within the framework of the Project, Strengthening Population Conditions and Capabilities for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Coastal Ecosystems of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua

  • Graphic line design of the VII URACCAN Student Congress 2019

  • URACCAN's 25th Anniversary Graphic Line Design

  • Digitization of costume designs of the FICCUA dance group

  • Coolaboration for krabu Tangni school logo creation

  • Improving the use of Social Media designs and publications

  • Social Media Usage Manual Proposal

  1. Preparation of a Base Document for the construction of the Intercultural Communication Strategy for the Design of the RACCS Community Radial School through Accompaniment to the Secretariat of Southern Health.

  2. Accompaniment to the RACN Ministry of Health for the redesign of the Communication Strategy for the Reduction of HIV and AIDS in the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast.

  3. Accompaniment to the organization of the IV International Afro-Descendant Colloquium to be held in November in Nicaragua, with the elaboration of the Graphic Line and Communication Plan.

  4. Accompaniment to the Network of Intercultural and Community Indigenous Universities of Abya Yala (RUIICAY).

  5. Accompaniment with the production of radio elements for the Union of Latin American Universities (UDUAL), being part of the Radio Series Campus Day, from the communication laboratories. Organized within the framework of the Union of Latin American Universities and the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

  • Consulting for the development of a Soft Skills Manual with USAID

  • Communication and Dissemination Plan of the Project "Generation and Dissemination of Content on the Value of Technical and Vocational Education". Usaid

  • Systematization of the regional meeting of key players in RACCN-2017. Fadcanic.

  • Digital Marketing Project with Intercultural Gender Perspective.

  • Teaching at the International Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication

  • Teaching in the Diploma in Leadership and Political Management

  • Facilitation of Workshop sob Intercultural Communication and Leadership at the V Day of Peace and Democracy, Lima, Peru, with the indigenous organization of Peru.

  • Conference on Intercultural Communication and Community Radios in Nicaragua, at the V Day of Peace and Democracy, Lima, Peru, with the Indigenous Organization of Peru.

  • Facilitation of Workshop on The Production of Reports in Radio and Television, with students from the Communication Tulpas, Cauca, Colombia.

  • Rapporteurship at the National and International Forum for Indigenous Communication in Cauca, Colombia.