Institute for Intercultural Communication

It is an instance of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), to provide accompaniment and intercultural community initiative, ensuring spaces of concertation and articulation since the exercise of Intercultural Communication through the elaboration of projects, proposals and research relevant to the development with identity of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and Mestizos of the Caribbean Coast.

This institutional area of the university is the manager and the one that ensures the exercise of Intercultural Communication throughout the university, ensuring processes of coordination and articulation with Disclosure as part of the exercise of the visibility of the institutional work.

From the Institute for Intercultural Communication, there are five communication laboratories that pay for the good work of the Intercultural Community University, with relevant programs that contribute to the intercultural community extension from their programming grids. But it also ensures the sharing of institutional work from the address of news that develops in each of the territories with an intercultural approach, the payment in this way to a culture of peace.

Lines of Action

In the last three years, the Institute for Intercultural Communication has achieved the interculturalization of communication from ensuring the strengthening of Communication Laboratories, the realization of communication products relevant to institutional philosophy and the development of projects, consultancies, communication plans and audiovisual and broadcasting products.

It is important to note that our study house has promoted intercultural communication from the Institute for Intercultural Communication, through the implementation of academic programs in coordination with the academy, from where academic programs are accredited and taught. In this sense, from the beginning diplomas, senior technicians, were promoted and promoted to develop a curriculum of his own for the career of Intercultural Communication, which subsequently evolved with the formulation of the Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication, with four generations of postgraduate degrees at the master's level.

Over the years, URACCAN has opted for a different communication, which contributes to the Good Living of Peoples, to intercultural dialogue and to the promotion of dialogues of knowledge and does as a sample of its plan of life and institutional philosophy of the First Intercultural Community University.

From the Institute an Intercultural Communication Agency has been designed as a market strategy for the promotion of products with an intercultural focus, resulting in the implementation of a Television Studio in the first instance. But in addition, also a Graphic Design space that contributes to the processes that are implemented both in social networks and in the administration of the URACCAN Website, which is under the responsibility and coordination of the ICI.

Intercultural Communication Laboratories