The URACCAN New Guinea Campus has a team of professionals committed to institutional well-doing that contributes to a model of Intercultural Community University with a gender approach, the Good Life of Peoples and the care of Mother Earth.

Dr. Eugenio López Mairena

Vice president

Msc. Consuelo Blandón Jiron

Academic Secretary

Msc. Obed Zeledon Membreño

CC Coordinator. Admón.

Ing. José López Calero

Coord. RRNN

Msc. Wilson Calero Borge

Coord. Research

Msc. Wilberto Cruz Pastora

Teachers' Union Representative

Msc. Napoleon Rojas Robles

Coord. CCEE

Msc. Dadelia del Carmen Benavides

Coord. CEIMM

Msc. Magda Martinez Manzanares


Msc. Iveth Blandón Acuña

Administrative Guild Representative

Br. Erick Enoc Soto

Student Representative

Br. Iliana Castellón Betanco

CCEE Area Student Representative

Br. Gamalielt Alcántara Rostrán

Student Representative RRNN area

Phd. William Flores Lopez

Member of the URACCAN Association

Msc. Claribel Castillo Abeda

Member of the URACCAN Association