Young people create project to promote the talent of people with disabilities
Home page of the website created by URACCAN Las Minas students.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

Students committed to community and egalitarian development

"Virtual path for the lives of people with disabilities" is the project of a virtual platform carried out by three young URACCAN students in the Las Minas campus, through which they hope to make this social group visible, so that they have access to job opportunities in the territory.

The Nicaraguan Motor Physical Disabled Association (ADIFIN) presented a problem to students, which is that people with disabilities cannot get a job easily; therefore, young people, motivated to help this social sector, decided to work on a virtual platform, which will have personal information and the curriculum, so that the population knows the skills of each of them.

Edgardo Rivas, one of the creators of the page, noted that this website will also contain accurate data on how many people with disabilities exist in the municipality of Siuna and what type of disability they present. "They will be able to enter the platform, register to be in the database and be visible, because there are people with disabilities who are engineers, graduates, administrators, among other competencies, and are not taken into account," he said.

Teacher Yesser Miranda, who has tracked young people, indicated that this is the result of the first season of innovation and entrepreneurship promoted by URACCAN through the "Kiulna" Center.

Farú Chavarría also said that this work comes to benefit them as students, as they have gained valuable experience.

"It is a challenge for us, in the country there is a law that mandata to have companies hire one or two people with disabilities, but this is not true," the student concluded.