Rector of URACCAN appreciated the support provided to the university
Tape cut during the opening of rebuilt buildings at URACCAN Bilwi enclosure
Tape cut during the opening of rebuilt buildings at URACCAN Bilwi enclosure
Neylin Calderon

Thanks to the educational community and donors

"URACCAN is our great hope, URACCAN is the hope of the Caribbean Coast, we are here and we will continue to push it, we will continue to rebuild it," said Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, during the inauguration of the modules rebuilt at URACCAN Bilwi Enclosure.  

In addition, the rector stated that, since November 2020, it began with the first stage of reconstruction, and also appreciated the support provided by members of the URACCAN family of all the enclosures, extensions and Liaison Office that, without hesitation, gave their funds to support this campus, in addition, to national and international organizations and institutions that are always with the university.

"Thanking each of the URACCAN guilds, administrative, teaching and student guilds, came together, collected money from their salaries and all that money came here, not forgetting Guillermo McLean, who from the first moment made himself available to help," Dr Hooker said.

Similarly, he thanked in a particular way the Engineer Yeltsin Alvarez, who stood at the head of the work, as well as the civil engineers of the compound and the entire educational community, because with each of his contributions the structural uprising of this enclosure became a reality, "it was heavy work, but the cutest thing was that no one faltered , we all complied with what they were asked to do," he said.

Finally, Hooker expressed that this activity was extremely enriching, "because URACCAN has to keep weaving its way, it has to keep walking, building and contributing to autonomy, to which we owe ourselves," he said, thanking all of us who have accompanied the university, "thank you so much for joining us when we were weaker, more sensitive and when we felt that our house was falling , that we would not be able to solve; we have walked, we are walking, but it was held by the hand of colleagues like you, without you it would not have been possible," he said.

Ribbon cutting

During the ribbon cutting, Brother Charles Irías was in charge of giving the words of blessing, resuming a biblical passage: "There is a time for every thing and a moment to do it under heaven: there is time to be born and time to die; time to plant, and time to start planting; a time to experience the fragility of the disease and a time to heal, a time to destroy and a time to build, a time to cry and another time to laugh, a time for laments, another for dances, a time to throw stones and another to collect them, a time to embrace, and another to refrain from doing so," Fray quoted.

At the end of the day, the rector of URACCAN, president of the UNC, coordinator of the Regional Government and the president of the Regional Council were responsible for the cutting of tape, subsequently took a tour of the reconstructed facilities.