Five innovative student projects approved at URACCAN Las Minas
The Innovation Commission, responsible for evaluating and approving the business projects of URACCAN entrepreneurial students.
José Garth Medina

Students were trained by this university to improve their proposals.

Five business projects were presented by students from URACCAN Las Minas, on their Campus of Siuna and the Rosita and Waslala extensions, to the Innovation Commission of this campus, which were approved for funding. Engineer Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship area of this venue, said that the objective of this "pitch" was to assess the technical feasibility of the value propositions made by university students.

In the meeting it was possible to appreciate that the family is contributing and helping entrepreneurial students, but they are also having other knowledge with these processes, since some students are nursing, Systems Engineering and Agroforestry, they are making business plans, Montenegro said.

Students received accompaniment and follow-up for a period of more than a month in the elaboration of business plans, using the Canvas methodology with URACCAN students in Rosita, Waslala and Siuna. Of the six proposals submitted, five were approved.

Business plans were in the food sector; there were proposals to make soups with the whole family and acquaintances, in Waslala; a proposal for the collection and marketing of standing pork in Siuna, and proposals for footwear and pastry.

In these business plans and proposals, URACCAN's entrepreneurial students are using communication technologies to reach more customers, in the accompaniment given to them, designed logos of their businesses and market strategies, investment plans and business plans.

The five students of URACCAN Las Minas will have access to a funding totaling 100 thousand cordobas and this will be given to the five students who approved according to the criteria established by the Innovation Commission. Funding resources are only needed to get students' businesses up and running.

URACCAN is training its human talents with a great sense of innovation and entrepreneurship, with relevance and social commitment, to ensure that when they leave the university they can be ready to develop their life plans.