URACCAN, and universities across the country, interested in Conference with an emphasis on higher education

By: José Bermúdez

The Rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker in the company of Dr. Maribel Duriez González, President of the National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation (CNEA), inaugurated the conference: "Experience of accreditation of careers in the National Accreditation System of Higher Education (SINAES), taught by its official Dr. José Miguel Rodríguez García, which was carried out within the framework of the Project "Accreditation of the Career of Agroforestry Engineering with the incorporation of Climate Change from a gender intercultural perspective: a CNEA and URACCAN experience."

Hooker stressed the importance of participating in spaces that contribute to the construction and solidification of higher education institutions, mainly those that rescue and ensure Interculturality.

"I am convinced that good opportunities must be seized, and this is certainly one of them," Hooker said, "we have also been working hard since URACCAN," I have always said that we must evaluate ourselves for who we are," the rector said.

Members of the technical commission, represented by delegates from the different universities of Nicaragua, participated in the activity, such as: URACCAN, UNAN-Managua, UNAN-León, UNI, UCN, UNICIT, among others who are also part of this agglomerated coalition of experts.

Dr. Maribel Duriez, President of CNEA, for her part mentioned that, the idea of the project is to accredit within two years, a career as a pilot project for the country, we are already building the career accreditation manuals that is the contribution that URACCAN will make, and the contribution that (CNEA) will give the country, to already have an accreditation manual , and a career accredited in 2022, something that we consider to be of great importance, emphasized, Duriez.

While Rodríguez García, in his participation, emphasized the objectives that as an institution possess, which are: "to increase coverage, equity and efficiency in accreditation processes, to promote modern and efficient management, to achieve autonomy in its entirety", these as the most outstanding, as stated by the doctor.

He also described that it is vitally important for them to see them as a consolidated institution, and that in terms of higher education, the quality with which we train our students, has to be aware of the current reality, something that is of vitality, because we need to train professionals on an opinion basis, specialists with principles and values from a realistic perspective , where they can be developed with what they possess.


Also after the conference was completed, the workshop on the construction of the Career Accreditation Manual was held, with the accompaniment of Dr. Rodríguez García, guest expert.