Enthusiasm and joy

By: Neylin Calderón

As part of the "Vice-Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor for a Day" activity, URACCAN at the Bilwi compound, was visited by the girl Crisbell Waldam, student of the Pilot School, in Bilwi, to assume the position of vice-chancellor for a day.

URACCAN promotes principles and values that underpin institutional work, including equality, accessibility, that is why little Crisbell Waldam was received in a harmonious, cheerful and respectful way.

Vice-Chancellor for a DayCrisbell is 10 years old, studying second grade at Bilwi Pilot School, Puerto Cabezas, she fully understands the miskitus mother tongue, but cannot speak, that did not prevent her from seeing the remarkable enthusiasm and joy of touring the main facilities of the URACCAN Bilwi compound.

On his tour, he was in the vice-projector room, offices of coordinators from the different areas of the URACCAN, in addition to the library and in the teaching room, each of the people with which he was able to express himself, were enthusiastic about Waldam's charisma.

Crisbell was accompanied by her sister Alka Waldam, who said she was very happy to give such spaces to the children who aspire to train professionally, "because they also have the opportunity like us. who can be someone better than us, I thank God they give that opportunity to them," he emphasized.