URACCAN and Nestlé, united to improve coffee production in New Guinea
The deputy chancellor of the compound, PhD. Eugenio López, with representatives of Nestlé.
Judith Robleto

Promoting the constant training and training of young talent

In the robust coffee management agri-entrepreneurship course to improve coffee productivity and quality practices in New Guinea, 24 young coffee producers and children of coffee producers were trained. This training process was made possible by the agreement between URACCAN, Nestlé and San Antonio Bank.

The six-week training took place on the University Campus of New Guinea, and was facilitated and funded by Nestlé as part of its corporate social responsibility. At the end of it, a diploma of participation was given to each of the young people.

For the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the venue, "as a university establishing these collaborative ties to train our young people is extremely important and we are always looking to strengthen those ties".

Lopez also assured that the importance of these trainings is that "more is learned to grow healthier, disease-resistant and better quality coffee, which in turn increases the incomes of each of the families, which are already many who are betting on coffee in New Guinea".

In this regard, engineer Ruddy Calero Borge said that this course met the objectives of "improving the capacities of young children of producers, who improved their knowledge of coffee management and the goal is for them to put into practice the knowledge learned in the improvement of coffee from their farms".

Calero said it is important that participants "see their farms not only as a lot of land, but also as a small business that can lead them to improve their living standards without having to migrate elsewhere."

For the beneficiary of the course, engineer Deylin Marín, "this training strengthens our capacities to have best practices in the field and cultivation of coffee, since it allows us to know all the pests, diseases, how to attend them on time and how to prevent to improve the quality of the product in our farms".

The training space, managed by URACCAN in conjunction with Nestlé, creates opportunities for younger generations to preserve the heritage of agriculture and create agricultural techniques that protect and preserve natural resources, fundamental aspects for URACCAN.