URACCAN and CRS articulate efforts for community development in the Mining Triangle
Representations of URACCAN and Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Representations of URACCAN and Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
José Garth Medina

Contributing to the protection and conservation of Mother Earth

URACCAN and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) discussed the new project proposal to be implemented in the Mining Triangle, with the aim of contributing to the protection of Mother Earth and promoting sustainable cocoaculture in the different municipalities and communities of this area.

The authorities explained that these actions are carried out to contribute to the development of communities, contributing to forest reforestation and the use of natural resources.

"It is a more confident show, that they have had with the work we have done together and to make the university a means for the strengthening of peoples, in the region and the country," said URACCAN deputy vice-chancellor Las Minas, Leonor Ruiz.

In addition, the official added that URACCAN aims to be benchmarks of forest management and conservation processes in the region and the country, "and I am sure that our staff will be up to the task to focus on their implementation", said Ruiz Calderón.

New forms of accompaniment

For his part, the CRS manager, Santos Palmas, commented that he has had the opportunity to work projects with URACCAN and are happy with the work that has been done and demonstrated.

"With this new proposal we will seek new partnerships new ways to accompany linking processes for community development, we have trusted and will continue to work with the management of Rectora Alta Hooker Blandford and her team, to realize the dreams of men and women that the future demands in the region and the country," Palma shared.

In addition, the coordinator of External Cooperation of URACCAN Recinto Las Minas, Sergio Rodríguez, explained that eight projects are currently being developed that focus on strengthening the strategic functions of the university.

"This new project "Zero deforestation and cocoa friendly to forests", will allow to integrate leaders, teaching and students, in community dynamics," the official said, adding that there are challenges in the region that have to do with the lack of establishment of permanent plots of monitoring and conservation of forests and promotion of community agroforestry, coupled with hurricane impact.