URACCAN and CEDEHCA promote diploma on "Development of critical thinking with a gender perspective in the 21st century"
participants will develop new ways to understand social relationships.
Josselyng Flowers

Contributing to the construction of gender intercultural citizenships

URACCAN, from its Bluefields precinct, and the Center for Human, Citizen and Regional Rights (CEDEHCA) are driving the diploma of "Development of critical thinking with a gender perspective in the 21st century".

Through this diploma it is hoped, through the facilitation of important and current themes, to generate in the participants a critical-reflective thinking with a gender perspective, taking into account the social characteristics of the 21st century. As a result, gender equity and equality and the prevention of violence in all its types are promoted.

The critical-formative methodology by which this diploma will develop, generates significant changes in social relations, thus contributing to the construction of a peaceful environment and common well-being, where men and women have equal opportunities.

Participants who meet the profile established for this program will also develop new ways to understand interpersonal relationships. Therefore, one of its objectives is to influence responsible and committed citizen participation with social issues that lead to real and equitable changes.

Critical-reflective thinking with a gender perspective therefore promotes equity and equality between human beings, beyond the differences imposed by the social construct. This will contribute to the consolidation of an inclusive education model.

Course requirements

-Copy of ID card or passport

-Copy of bachelor's degree

-Age: 18-35 years old

-Cost: $15.00 (registration, tariff and diploma)