Articulation to undertake

By: Neylin Calderón

The area of Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship of the URACCAN, in coordination with the Aprendo and Emprendo project, carried out, in the Center for Intercultural Community Innovation "Slilma", the first Ideathon, with the participation of 30 students from URACCAN from the Bilwi campus.

In the first instance, teachers and students participated in mind Set training provided by Teacher Nelson Soza, there they were urged to have a positive and creative mind, for the purpose of undertaking and above all to create challenges that contribute to the Good Living / Living Well of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, that is why URACCAN seeks to strengthen the university community on soft skills as a new global trend in higher education, said Master Víctor Zúñiga, director of the area of Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship.

Developing novel ideas

According to Zúñiga, new professionals must contribute to being more competitive, with quick ideas of innovation, "To solve local problems contextualized with cultural relevance for any municipality or locality," he said.

Similarly, Victor Zúñiga said that the main purpose of making this ideathon in Bilwi, is that in 48 hours students could "present novel ideas to solutions to challenges that have arisen", adding that most of the challenges were posed to the generation of jobs, entrepreneurship, social equity and access to education, "All this having as its main axis respect for Mother Earth" Zúñiga emphasized.

While teacher Shira Thomas, coordinator of the Aprendo and Emprendo project, said that in "The idea is that boys can identify problems in the community, apart from identifying problems, being able to devise or creatively think about possible solutions that can be applied," she said.

Main innovative proposals

The three main novel proposals were awarded funding so that these challenges can be realized "Proposals coming out are going to have from here through February next year to be able to implement them, we are talking that the first place has a thousand dollars support, the second of $800 and the third place of 300 dollars," Zúñiga concluded.

In this context, multicultural psychology student Mayeli Arauz, a member of the young warrior group, stated that through her innovative proposals they have focused on a humanist approach "We want to bring a school to people living in the landfill to enjoy an education, where they can be taught how to undertake and recycle, who forget that reality to build a new reality" Arauz said.

For his part, professor Marvin Torrez Bustillo said that the group "Innovation Life", presented to the jury of the first ideathon in Bilwi, the proposal to "Build or create a web platform with its application included, with the aim of promoting students and graduates of URACCAN to upload their profile or curriculum to the platform, so that institutions can access the platform and see how professional they can serve the company and help them have access to a job," he said.

Also, the teacher Olga Chow, mentor of the group Los futuristas", stated that the project "Agro Life", aims to "transform garbage into organic fertilizer for commercialization, using the composting technique", said the teacher, adding that the group was made up of URACCAN students of the careers of Computer Science, Intercultural Medicine, Agroforestry, Psychology and Business Administration.


First place: The Futurists

Second place: Innovation Life

Third Place: Young Warriors