URACCAN venue Bluefields continues recruitment processes in surrounding communities
URACCAN members with high school students from Bluefields communities.
Noel Aguilera

Promoting the professionalization of young talents on the Caribbean Coast

As part of the 2021 recruitment process, URACCAN Bluefields precinct continues visits to fifth year high school students. On this occasion, the communities near the city of Bluefields were visited: El Bluff, Kukra River and Laguna de Perlas, where the university team was divided into two groups in order to make such acquisitions.

Teachers from different academic areas, students and Student Welfare were part of this work, where the main objective of influencing young people to choose the careers offered by URACCAN.

Through this space information is provided about the work of this house of higher education, where the intercultural perspective of gender stands out, which is the basis of education in each young person who is professionalized, as well as the recognition of the indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race peoples who are part of this great family, where they revitalize their mother tongues.

Active students shared the experiences lived within the university campus and those knowledge that strengthened their cultural identity, in the same way the coexistence between different peoples.

From Student Welfare, Ing. Axell Molina presented the work that is done with the educational community, participation in cultural spaces, instrumental and sports music, which are open to anyone who so desires; It should be mentioned that he also referred to the scholarship quota that they can acquire as internal students from communities who study regular careers and do not have a family member in the city, the benefits it provides and the care given to them from the institution.

The accompaniment has been given from Vice-Chancellor, Academic Secretariat and area coordinations, from where we work together to strengthen and contribute to the growth of URACCAN.

The finalists gave words of thanks to URACCAN for worrying about their professionalization process, sending them their academic offer. It is very important for them to learn about the races, as they mostly wish to continue their professionalization to contribute to the change of their community as well as to their personal improvement.