URACCAN Bilwi venue continues to prepare for new Institutional Strategic Plan
Institutional Planning and Evaluation Commission of the URACCAN Bilwi campus.
Neylin Calderon

Meeting of the Institutional Planning and Evaluation Committee

The Institutional Planning and Evaluation Commission of the URACCAN Bilwi campus met to analyze the results of the Strategic Plan 2015-2019, which has five institutional functions: (1) Learning Communities, (2) Creation and Recreation of Knowledge, Knowledge and Practices, (3) Community Social Accompaniment and Advocacy, (4) Intercultural Management and Communication for Institutional Development, and (6) National and International Cooperation, Solidarity and Complementarity.

For the Yáder Galo master's degree, coordinator of the Institutional Evaluation area of the Bilwi campus, these dialogues are carried out to follow up on the process of drafting the Evaluation Report of the Institutional Strategic Plan and to, mainly and according to the previous one, design the new Institutional Strategic Plan of URACCAN. "We are in that evaluation process, what has been the compliance, the impact, what has been the methodological relevance of what was our Institutional Strategic Plan," the official explained.

In this sense, it is important to note that the information taken up in this self-assessment from the four enclosures and four extensions of URACCAN will be resumed for the formulation of the new Institutional Strategic Plan, "both to carry out the general report of the evaluation of the EP at the institutional level and as input for the elaboration of the new life plan to be worked on" Master Gaul added.

Distribution of the evaluation commission for the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan

Galo detailed that the commission, in order to advance the evaluation process, made the decision to divide methodologically according to each of the five institutional functions of the Strategic Plan 2015-2019.

"Professor Teisey Allen and Charles McLean are working with learning communities; Professor Rosa Palacios works with what has to do with Creation; Sesiah Davis is working on what is accompaniment and cooperation; and I'm working on what management is; Partner Abner, who is the Planning Coordinator, is in charge of processing and writing what has to do with methodological relevance, which were interviews we conducted," Gallic concluded.