Building intercultural knowledge

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN carries out scholarship plans to contribute financially to students with low economic resources, aimed at improving quality with relevance in the education of indigenous, mixed and Afro-descendant peoples of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

Thus, on Thursday, July 4 of the current, the Bilwi Scholarship Commission met, with the aim of reviewing applications for scholarships sent by students, to the corresponding instances, in the same way the full external scholarship was approved to 22 students and 2 full internal scholarships to students studying at this academy.

Support for the student community

Building knowledge over 25 years of educational training, URACCAN has managed to maintain low costs in tuition and university fees, however, in the Bilwi campus, being a special area and away from the city, incurs extra expenses such as transportation, that is why students seek a way to minimize expenses, supported by this Intercultural Community University , through this scholarship service.

Students URACCAN Bilwi CampusAccording to Ada Rodríguez Chow, responsible for Student Welfare of the campus, this time students from the area of Education Sciences are being served, in their modality by meeting, third and fifth year of the Bachelor's Degree in Language and Literature and 4th year of the Bachelor of Mathematics.

Scholarship service

Full scholarships include the payment of tariffs and transport, depending on the career in which students take place, that is, those of the six-monthly regime per meeting: education sciences, has a value of C$720 (cordobas), but in others vary the cordoba value as is the case of the career of Intercultural Medicine, which has a cost of C$1,320 (cordobas) per semester. In this year you have an approximate of 360 scholarships approved.

The requirements for applying for the scholarship are simple, from filling out the scholarship application form, where they ask for socioeconomic data, the scholarship application letter and having an academic average of 80%.