URACCAN reaffirms its commitment to community intercultural accompaniment on the Caribbean Coast
Opening of "The University in the Field", URACCAN Prinzapolka
Opening of "The University in the Field", URACCAN Prinzapolka
José Garth Medina

Opening of the university in the countryside in Prinzapolka

URACCAN, through its institutional model of community intercultural accompaniment, contributes to the strengthening and intercultural higher education for the peoples of the Caribbean Coast, bringing the university closer to the population, in Prinzapolka, with a program of professionalization of more than 100 teachers of the Ministry of Education, through its strategy "University in the field", promoted through the National Council of Universities (UNC) and the Government of Nicaragua.

During the activity, the rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker explained that these processes are being worked in articulation with the UNC, the authorities of the regional government and the municipality of Prinzapolka, in order to benefit the inhabitants of the different municipalities and communities.

Strong commitment to intercultural higher education

Dr. Hooker also pledged to continue to be firm with the intercultural higher education project for the people of Prinzapolka and the rest of the communities, through the provision of teachers who help strengthen the skills of the teachers of that municipality.

From this same perspective, Prodelina Bobb, mayor of Prinzapolka, said that the presence of URACCAN is a great strength for the municipality, not only for teachers, but for all students who graduate from fifth year and aspire to train professionally.

In addition, Francisca Centeno, a community leader, commented that these processes are part of municipal development. For his part, Professor Elmer Lira Rodríguez, student of URACCAN Prinzapolka, emphasized that this openness is transcendental and glorious as it was eagerly awaited and his dreams come true today.

Finally, Julaida Balladares, a member of MINED in Prinzapolka, expressed his appreciation with URACCAN for the opening of this education program, developed through leadership and management by rectory, represented by Dr. Alta Hooker.