URACCAN prepares primary and secondary teachers in processes of professionalization and knowledge building

Start first meeting of teacher professionalization

By: Jose Garth

This month began the first meeting of the year in the careers of Mathematics, Education Sciences with mention in Biology, Education Sciences with mention in Language and Literature and Physical Culture according to the teacher Rosa Montenegro, coordinator of the education area of URACCAN enclosure Las Minas.

A total of 93 students, mostly teachers from the Ministry of Education (Mined), who pursue professionalization careers, seek, through this training, a better development and contributions in quality in primary and secondary education in the Mining Triangle.

In this sense, Felix Rocha, teacher of Mulukukú, who pursues a career in Physical Culture, assured that his goal is to improve the quality in teaching, "It is a great and unforgettable experience, because the meetings are made during vacation periods to be able to prepare at the university", he stressed.

Likewise, Luz Marina Loza Aguilar, a student of education sciences with mention in Biology, thanked God for having the university that offers them the opportunity to professionalize, highlighting that each of the classes that are taught, help them to perform with better tools and methods, but above all with more quality to shape their students.

Professionalization and community input processes

For its part, the PhD. Leonor Ruiz calderón, vice-chancellor of URACCAN Recinto Las Minas, detailed that URACCAN develops processes of professionalization of primary and secondary teachers, to accompany trainers of the new generations, with that knowledge that will allow each of them to guide that future generation with the quality demanded by the modern world.