URACCAN New Guinea gives workshop on the labour rights of its workers
Members of the administrative guild, during the training activity.
Judith Robleto

Enhancing the capabilities of their human talents

The administrative guild of URACCAN campus New Guinea participated in a workshop on labor law, which was facilitated by the teacher Alvaro Taisigue, lawyer, public accountant and full-time teacher of this study house.

The members of this guild, who have representation before the University Council of URACCAN (CUU), plan and train constantly, allowing them to discern both the legal rules related to the work and the regulations of this house of study, allowing them, in turn, to develop their functions based on institutional guidelines.

Teacher Concepción Urbina Dávila, the trade union representative of this venue, said that, "within institutional strategic planning, the strengthening of the articulation of the administrative guild is contemplated, then, as an action had been planned since the previous year, training on labor law, among other topics".

Urbina further stated that these kinds of workshops "help to know a little more about our duties and rights as workers, since in the guild there are service personnel and not all have had the opportunity to train, for this reason, they often do not know their rights that they have as workers".

The trade union representative argued that it was important to enhance the knowledge of each member of this URACCAN guild. In this sense, Azucena Mora, the concierge of the venue, referred to these spaces as "important", ensuring that "it is always good to manage more about the rights of workers, these spaces are important to be able to strengthen our knowledge in labor rights, for us as workers is fundamental".