URACCAN is a member of the Creative Economics Commission
URACCAN fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students.
Judith Robleto

Dr. López: "Keeping an eye on the Vision of our institution".

Authorities and students of URACCAN campus New Guinea has participated in the installation of the Local Commissions of Creative Economy, in the department of Zelaya Central, in the South Caribbean of our country. At the central event, the municipal mayor, Master Claribel Castillo, highlighted the participation of URACCAN, through its vice-chancellor, the coordination of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a team of young people working in educational robotics.

State ministries and institutions will be working articulately to create projects and initiatives through different platforms for the development of the Creative and Entrepreneurial Economy model.

In that sense, the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the New Guinea precinct and who participated in the launch of the Creative Economics Commission, said that "being part of these spaces and keeping an eye on the fulfillment of our Mission, we will continue to incentivize, preparing, funding at times students, mainly who will be able to develop their ideas, realize their businesses and initiatives to generate workspaces , new income and intellectual property".

The Claribel Castillo master's degree. he said that "we have been driving the motto of years ago, which is 'Learning, undertaking and prospering', and as a result of that are many endeavors that have been emerging, but it is taking a step further with the commissions of creative economies, because now it is not only about learning, we also have to create." In addition, the mayor invited "to continue to undertake, continue to innovate and prosper, that the future is ours."

This space, which is being installed in the department and which according to the Master's Degree Filemón Games Lanuza, departmental secretary of the FSLN, "will start to be installed in each of our municipalities, must be that reference for the entrepreneur as a working mechanism, must also be a reference to organize us and continue to succeed".

These working instruments, such as the creative economy platforms, are available to all Nicaraguans and allow us to consolidate the economies of the families of the Caribbean Coast, which is also what this Intercultural Community University points to.