URACCAN-IREMADES participates in ecological park opening
URACCAN-IREMADES participated from the planning stage to the reforestation stage of the El Pool ecological park.
Keydi Bent

Based on its love for Mother Earth and its community philosophy, URACCAN promotes the environmental balance and autonomy of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast. For this purpose it has the Institute of Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES) of the Bluefields Campus, which participated this April 17 in the inauguration of the Ecological Park of the El El Pool.

The technical team of IREMADES, in conjunction with students of the fourth year of the Agroforestry Engineering career, were part of the data and information survey with the accompaniment of their teachers. During this process the coordinates of the site were taken, as well as the characterization of the flora and fauna of the site. Similarly, URACCAN Bluefields participated from the project planning phase to the reforestation phase.

It should be emphasized that this house of higher education is part of the commission that declared the area known as Piedra del Pool as an ecological park. This reinforces student training in URACCAN, not only agroforestry engineering, but also other careers, so that students can carry out their research, given the historical and cultural information that hides this emblematic site of the City of The Blue Fields.

Jimmy Pérez, Director of Environmental Management at the Mayor of Bluefields, emphasized that "this responds to a need of the municipal mayor's office, where we have unified efforts, mainly with URACCAN University, with the Agroforestry race, to carry out all that is the diagnosis, why the diagnosis? To know under what conditions the ecological park is and from there develop different lines of work and then we will develop them with universities, at this time URACCAN University has played an extremely important role in this whole process".

While Castro Jo, mayor of the city, stated that "we take on the challenge of working with universities in a coordinated, complementary way, developing scientific, economic, social, environmental and all that are necessary for that historical value, that historical heritage for all generations of our municipality to be maintained for ever and ever."