Teaching-learning spaces

By: Judith Robleto

With the participation of teachers, administrators and students from the second cut of the Communications Infrastructure Program for the Caribbean Region (Carcip), the new English laboratory was opened at the New Guinea site.

During this activity, Dr. Eugenio López, vice-chancellor of the compound, said that "URACCAN is always committed to the training of human talents with scientific and humanistic knowledge and capabilities, to strengthen the learning process and thus produce quality professionals," he said.

In addition, López recalled that "In the training processes of this study house, English is incorporated as a second language throughout the curriculum, thus guaranteeing more competitive professionals in the labor market, who would be contributing to the advancement and development of communities," he added.

Intercultural community management

For his part, the teacher Juan Carlos Altamirano, head of the Program (Carcip) by URACCAN, expressed his pride in how this studio manages projects like this. "I am proud to say that as URACCAN we continue to contribute to the development of this community, making positive changes, as far as possible, in this society that needs people with talents, attributes or characteristics that allow us to interact effectively, that we are creative, that we have the ability to work as a team, that we implement responsibility, honesty, commitment , and those proactive attitudes in every space we find ourselves," he said.

As part of the accountability process, which has been a practice of this study house, teacher Magda Martínez, administrator of the venue, presented the investment financial report for the equipment of this new English laboratory.

Martinez, thanked everyone for their efforts to have this place, and invited "Take care of it, since it is very important to have this new laboratory and meet the academic demand of the students", he exhorted.  

After the tape cutting event, those present set out to know the place, praising the effort of co-workers so that the laboratory had the required equipment and what led to the effort of installation of the same.