URACCAN, from its Science Laboratory in the New Guinea precinct, produces Sodium Hypochlorite
Vice-Chancellor Eugenio Lopez with chemist Elder Gonzales
Judith Robleto

Promoting comprehensive health among Caribbean peoples

As part of the security protocol promoted by URACCAN Rector Dr. Alta Hooker, to prevent COVID-19 and since the community commitment of this study house, the vice-chancellor of the New Guinean compound, PhD. Eugenio López, received in the first instance 15 gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite at 4% (NaClO), for marketing purposes internally and externally if required.

The product was produced by the chemist Elder González, head of the Science Laboratory of the enclosure, who assured that "these have been developed within the framework of the project on the elaboration of hygiene, cleaning and disinfection promoted by our highest authorities, in addition, these are considered as a sustainable alternative to combating the pandemic caused by the contagion of COVID-19 , with the prospect of lowering procurement costs and ensuring their availability to the university community."

It is important to note that since the management and guidance of the rector of URACCAN, these practices are carried out in the four university campuses and their extension of Waslala. In this sense, González worked on the elaboration of the Sodium Hypochlorite at 4% with a group of young people of the Bachelor of Chemistry, who also carried out internships by acquiring knowledge of laboratory use.

For its part, the PhD Eugenio López, stated that "this is part of what to make of this space, specialized and equipped to produce or transform products that benefit the community in general, over time we aspire to have a larger production for both URACCAN staff and the general population".

URACCAN, with a high commitment to the care of life, has worked since the beginning of the pandemic and before it in the prevention, elaboration and practice of a safety protocol to prevent different diseases that plague the peoples of the Caribbean Coast.