URACCAN Rosita extension, 23 years contributing to the professionalization of regional human talent
Since the efforts of Rectory and Vice-Rectory, the Rosita extension has been strengthened, both in infrastructure and academic relevance.
José Garth Medina

The Rosita extension has graduated 553 professionals.

URACCAN set out to bring higher education to the student population of Rosita, a municipality where it founded a university extension and where it offered six careers for the professionalization of human talent and regional development, as expressed by teacher Yaneth Sevilla, coordinator of the Rosita campus.

Teacher Luvy Aleyda Trujillo Hernández, head of Academic Registration for the Rosita extension, said that since it was founded, 23 years ago, the extension has been gradually advancing in the academic offer, but also in its infrastructure.

Since 1997, the extension has had a great impact on society, as graduates are contributing from different spaces, both in the public institutions and in the private sector of the municipality.

Since its founding, the URACCAN rosita extension has graduated 553 professionals, who are contributing to the development of the municipality and the region.

The careers offered by this extension are: Systems Engineering, Public Accounting and Auditing, Administrative Informatics, Education Sciences with mention in English and History, and Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development. Based on a diagnosis made in the town, the Rosita campus has the necessary elements to improve the offer of 2021, with two more races.

The registry manager explained that in the university extension they are working with 149 students. In this sense, the vice-chancellor of URACCAN Las Minas, Angélica Leonor Ruiz Calderón, PhD., reported that Rosita is one of the three extensions that has received great economic and academic momentum since the management of Rectory and Vice-Chancellor, in order to ensure an adequate infrastructure for teaching-learning processes.

The URACCAN authorities, from their University Council as the highest decision-making authority, have allocated the necessary resources for the proper functioning of the Rosita extension.

The main driver of the Rosita extension was Professor Fernando Espinoza Loza and he served as coordinator of the extension and, after his death, assumed the teacher Verónica Pérez, who retired. Instead, teacher Yaneth Sevilla took on this important position to continue promoting educational quality in the region.