Session of reflection and dialogue

By: Judith Robleto

The Commission on Eradication, Gender-Based Violence and other related intolerance of URACCAN in the New Guinea precinct held a session with the main objective of reflecting on the work that this committee has been developing in the light of its objective of creation.

For the teacher Mayellis Toruño, chairwoman of the commission, representing the administrative guild "Work has been done, but there is still a lot of work to be done in the attention of the demand of the university community," she said.

In this context, future actions such as the creation of a database reflecting the commission's attention cases are also proposed; an activity that will be done with coordination with the technology area of this study house.

As we look inside the committee

According to the participants, doing evaluation processes within this committee allows them to walk learning from mistakes, but also knowing the positive experiences of the other committees.

Among the closest actions of this committee, the work and presentation of the results of the collaborative mapping carried out, as well as the socialization and study of the case care route, stand out.

This commission is composed of trade union representatives, human resources, responsible for student welfare; people allied to training processes for experience and coexistence without violence, and researchers from the Center for Multi-ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN).