Activities with the URACCAN university community

By: Judith Robleto

Coordinated activity between the area of student welfare, career coordination and UNEN also involved all the students of the evening shift; "Being a college student means having clear goals of what you want, maintaining our principles and seeking a better future," said Cindy Sequeira, best student in the New Guinea college campus semester.

For his part, the teacher Filadelfo López, coordinator of the area of natural resources and environment, said that "it is worth celebrating a day as important as student day, that is why academic staff have organized a series of activities", he commented.

Professional Motivation

Student Day ActivitiesIn celebration of the opening ceremony of the festivities of the day of the Nicaraguan student, a lecture was given on professional motivation, which was held by the teacher Yamilex Aguilar, responsible for student welfare. Aguilar assured those present that "as young people we must not allow our light to go out and that is why it is important to define concrete goals of what is to be achieved in life," he said to the hundreds of university students present.

After the conference, teachers and administrative staff of the venue organized sports activities and games with students. It is important to mention that on July 23 "National Nicaraguan Student Day", he is remembered in schools at the levels of primary, secondary and university education in the country, in honor of the struggles of the Nicaraguan university student movement.

URACCAN, 25 years after institutional work and vocational training on the Caribbean Coast, continues to reaffirm its commitment to the young peoples of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and mestizos, contributing to their personal, professional and humanitarian growth.