By: Judith Robleto

At URACCAN new Guinea, officials and officials of the venue met to celebrate one more year of joint work, and to share dreams and goals, which will be reflected in the articulated work of next year 2020.

As every year, in this venue, the authorities organized an event that involves both the human talents of the different areas, as well as their families, creating a friendly, sociable and family atmosphere.

In this context, the deputy chancellor of the compound, PhD. Eugenio López referred to those present as "A great family, for which I am very proud to have everyone, because all year round has shown commitment to work," he said.

In addition, the vice-chancellor reminded loved ones that "We have already been advanced along the way; Juliana, Arsenius and Gloria, they will be part of our memories," he said. In addition, teacher Consuelo Blandón congratulated those present and gave them a year full of "Dreams fulfilled and teamwork".