URACCAN has a File Rescue Center
URACCAN File Backup Center.
Neylin Calderon

The center is located on the Bilwi university campus

On the Bilwi campus is the Archives Safeguarding Center of the Academic Registration area of the 4 enclosures and the 4 extensions of URACCAN; there you can find records of titles, monographs, theses, minutes of defenses, among other important documents of the institution.

According to teacher Marcia Watler, Director of Academic Registry at URACCAN, this place was built for the purpose of safeguarding all physical documents belonging to this specific area, "that is, the records of all students from all over URACCAN", detailed the official.

They are also protected in this centre; "records of titles of the 4 precincts, records of other students handled by Rectory, record books of minutes, grade books, title records books," Watler said.

This center is built in the Bilwi enclosure because that is where the address of the Academic Registration area is located, "although it is planned in the future to build another (center) in another of the enclosures, so that they also protect all the information that is had, because every year we produce many documents", the teacher argued.

Finally, Watler said that in these 25 years, URACCAN has produced many physical documents that have to be protected in an orderly manner, for that reason, these premises have been created, "in each register there are too many documents, they no longer give abasto in the offices, that is why little by little they will be building the shelter centers" Director Watler concluded.