University students hold information fair on child sexual abuse with elementary school children
The children showed great interest in the subject and actively participated.
Noel Aguilera

Contributing to the prevention of child sexual abuse

In URACCAN Bluefields campus, students of the second year of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, in conjunction with the Center for Studies and Information of Multi-ethnic Women (CEIMM) and within the framework of the subject Community Practices II, conducted an informative fair under the theme of child sexual abuse, at the Rubén Darío school in this city. For this purpose, the principal's approval and the participation of the children of this school were requested.

One of the objectives was to check whether the children had any knowledge about the subject, whether their parents at any time provide them with recommendations around the situation, as well as to provide basic knowledge, share with the girls about the care of their own bodies and contribute based on their understanding so that they can identify people approaching them with bad intentions.

Psychologist Wienis Bowie, community practices teacher II, says that "this is in order for children to be consenting and able to recognize the different tricks that an abuser can present to them, as well as the measures they must take in the face of this danger."

During the development of the activity, girls and boys were participatory and interested in knowing a little more about what they knew about the subject, where they disclosed that their parents every day before leaving their homes guide them not to converse with strangers or accept gifts such as toys or go to unknown houses.

Velia Sevilla, territorial technique of CEIMM, argued that "we are accompanying a group of psychology students, where we are working with twenty children from the Rubén Darío school, this was done through playful methodologies, a little more dynamic to adapt to the contexts of children, since as parents and adults we cannot always keep an eye on them , we want them to have the basic tools to learn to defend themselves or more than anything to learn to prevent and identify abusers within the various contexts where they unfold."

Students presented to the participants a drama that reflected the way of approach that most individuals take to intertwine friendship with children and subsequently take them to unknown places in order to take advantage of their innocence.

Psychology student Solange Mendez, as shared, said that "our children should know that they should not touch their intimate parts, that everyone must learn and know their rights, in the same way tell their parents, relatives and in this case their teacher that they are being abused or if they try to abuse him."

Margarita Ruiz, director of the educational center, explained that, "From our classrooms, we work on these topics with talks and promotion of values, we thank young people for contributing more knowledge to our children, and from home guiding their children, sitting down to chat with them on these topics, no matter how old they are, is to find the right way to teach them to take care of themselves and prevent many things , including sexual abuse".

Ruiz refers to the that the doors of the educational center are open for university students to share topics of paramount importance, which in one way or another will contribute to a better knowledge and development in the students of this elementary school.