The winners of the 2020 Rally at URACCAN Venue Bluefields carry out eco-friendly project
The boys and girls at the Bluefields compound were shouting unanimously, "Who are we? URACCAN!"
Josselyng Flowers

Contributing to environmental conservation

Composed by Ondina Bryan, Administrative Informatics; Nigel Francisco, Physical Education; Manuel Taleno, Agroforestry Engineering; and Delvin Jirón, also of Physical Education, the team "Miradores del Futuro" managed to obtain the first place in the competition of the Latin American Innovation Rally 2020 in the URACCAN Bluefields venue, after the evaluation of the qualifying jury, composed of the MSc. Melvin James, REGIONAL DELEGATE of MINED; The Licda. Iveth Alvarez and Mr. Gerardo Bravo, external consultant.

In this sense, Mr. Gerardo Bravo presented the winning team, before congratulating all the participants and the university, he also noted that all the proposals presented are very important and should be made known; to do this you have to look for how to patent these innovations presented by the boys.

The Licda. Iveth Alvarez said: "Excellent work that they have done with great enthusiasm, responsibility, highlighting those values that must be cultivated: solidarity, respect and teamwork, which are great elements to grow in knowledge and as professionals".

Delvin Jirón, of the winning group, expressed the enthusiasm and dedication he put into this competition to reach the final goal and achieve first place at the level of the venue.

On the challenge

The boys worked on a challenge of creating a mechanism to prevent oil produced in a kitchen from being stored in the pipes and not reaching water sources. For this, the boys developed a plan and a prototype of a filtration system, which separates oil and water, a particular aspect is that the prototype has coconut-based cylinders. According to Manuel Taleno, president of the group, coconut pulp is a high fat contractor.

"We are not going to use any kind of energy to implement this method, simply the water separation process would activate the cylinders that are revolving and when we feel the water pressure would start to generate movements that activate the fat extraction process"

Gender intercultural perspective

As part of the identity of the philosophy of life of this house of intercultural higher education, the proposals were framed in it and this group took it into account. They refer to the members who apply interculturality is a system that benefits indigenous communities, who are in the territories fighting for the well-being of the environment.