The academic community of URACCAN says present at the National Higher Education Forum.
URACCAN teachers and administrative staff participate in higher education forum
URACCAN teachers and administrative staff participate in higher education forum
Judith Robleto, José Garth, Neylin Calderón, Josselyn Flores, Central Writing

Through virtual rooms

Teachers and administrative staff of URACCAN, in their campuses in New Guinea, Las Minas, Bluefields and Bilwi, participated, virtually, in the forum "Higher Education in Nicaragua 2020 and the impact of COVID-19" carried out by the National Council of Universities (UNC).

According to the authorities of the enclosures, this event of Nicaraguan Higher Education, allows to carry out an academic analysis around how progress has been made despite the pandemic of the Covid-19, as well as sharing own systematizations, from the worldviews and spiritualities of our peoples.

In addition, the authorities stressed that this event is an important space to strengthen and share the various knowledge and how this pandemic has been facing.

The magnificent event, is held with the participation of the country's higher education authorities and with the use of virtuality allows you to participate hundreds of university teachers, who were listening to the different presentations.

Academic challenges and challenges

This forum has the motto: "Towards a relevant and quality educational model", according to the PhD. Eugenio López, vice-chancellor of URACCAN venue New Guinea, this motto corresponds to what, since URACCAN, has been developing, since the quality has remained.

"In contingency, educational continuity must be ensured, this educational continuity involves different processes where quality should not be lost either; you must always achieve these processes that are in correspondence with what was worked by our study house," the professor said.

The intercultural community university, from each of its campuses and extensions has kept its academic courses open, and a permanent practice of the protocol of safety and care against the pandemic.

"One of the challenges was the virtual modality to which we had to adapt, thanks to the willingness of each one we managed to complete successfully, using our own methodologies that have given way to academic processes, all this in support with the teachers," concluded Heidi Guillén, academic secretary of URACCAN Bluefields venue.