URACCAN's Institutional Planning and Self-Assessment areas develop their second annual workshop
Both areas have provided accurate information to URACCAN, relevant to vital decision-making in institutional work.
Judith Robleto

In this activity is being articulated the first document of the Institutional Life Plan 2021-2030.

The URACCAN educational community works on building its Institutional Life Plan 2021-2030. For this reason he has sold working articulately since the coordination of his Planning and Institutional Self-Assessment team. In this sense, a second annual Workshop on Institutional Planning and Self-Assessment is being lived in the New Guinean compound, where in addition to the addresses of these areas the coordination of university campuses and extensions participates.

The articulation of the document containing the Institutional Life Plan continues to be built in an articulated and projected manner for a decade.The process has been long, but enriched from collective participation with all the information of the university community, wise and wise, community leaders, regional and territorial governments, external, internal and international actors.

Master Adrián Puerta, Director of Institutional Planning, said that "indeed today, in this second planning workshop, a first document is being articulated that will contain the Intercultural Plan of Institutional Life 2021-2030".

The path taken for the new planning has continued long and significant, according to Master Puerta, because "several activities have been carried out, such as the collection of information to both the university community and the external actors of URACCAN, and now after building this document, validation will be made at the level of the venues and institutional directions, already carried out the validation activity in each of the venues , is to prepare a presentation to the University Council at the last session of the year," he said

For her part, teacher Marbel Baltodano, Director of Institutional Self-Assessment, explained that "planning and evaluation cannot be separated, they are two processes that go together, because if we plan something, it has to be evaluated".

For the teacher, moreover, "in the two areas a synergy of work has been established with excellent coordination", so much so that they "work with the same team with these two substantial processes of the university".

Baltodano concluded by stating that they have learned to work hand in hand with planning and evaluation when conducting articulation processes, and it was possible that the university has accurate information for decision-making in the different fields of institutional life.

For teacher Shirley Walton Omier, URACAN Self-Assessment Coordinator Bluefields Enclosure, "articulation work between the Planning and Self-Assessment teams ensures the quality of a document containing the URACCAN life plan."