TELCOR-CARCIP works hand in hand with URACCAN on the transfer of knowledge on Open Innovation
Open Innovation Workshop at URACCAN New Guinea venue
Open Innovation Workshop at URACCAN New Guinea venue
Judith Robleto

TELCOR-CARCIP and URACCAN develop a workshop on knowledge transfer of the open innovation methodology, with the participation of teachers and students in URACCAN campus New Guinea.

The main objective of this activity is to understand the basic concepts, principles and functionings of open innovation; as well as planning, launching and managing open innovation seasons through theoretical concepts, practical examples and methodological tools and, in addition, knowing the structure and launch model of open innovation seasons focused on the academic industry.

During the central event, the PhD. Eugenio López, vice-chancellor of URACCAN new Guinea, shared that "from the university, and with the unconditional support that TELCOR of Nicaragua, from the CARCIP project, we are initiating one more training process, this time with the intention that, as teachers, we can transfer knowledge about the importance, process, impact and tools of open innovation", said the vice-chancellor

The new innovation model, called Open Innovation, generates thoughts to transform the way we work under a co-creation model and, across ecosystems and platforms, identify situations, needs or opportunities to solve, research and analyze, as well as generate ideas, select the most promising ones and validate them for feedback.

In this sense, Master Victor Zúñiga, Director of Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship at URACCAN, referred to the training event on innovation issues as a process given since the beginning of this alma mater, arguing that "the theme of innovation and entrepreneurship has been working since the creation of the Intercultural Community University, as a different model , but which is a benchmark for innovation, with approaches such as the regional health model, the education system, among others," he said.

Zúñiga further noted that "from the New Guinean compound you have the experience with Alternativa and ACACIA; and thanks to telCOR's support through the CARCIP program, progress was made better and faster, for now having an open innovation center, which will soon be opened," he said.

The facilitation of the workshop is carried out by the teacher Jonathan Medina Mongrio, official of TELCOR-CARCIP, International Certificate in Innovation Management.