New Guinea's Campus Technical Council positively values the experience of Rally 2020
According to the academic secretary of the New Guinea precinct, these meetings "make the fulfillment of our Mission and Vison more tangible".
Judith Robleto

Mothers from families called the university to thank them for taking their children into account at this important event.

As "a great achievement" was rated the international event in which the intercultural community university, URACCAN, participated, with more than 80 young people with entrepreneurial spirit. In the New Guinean compound, 24 were the boys and girls who presented their projects, each of whom "had our philosophy imbued, because young people viewed social alternatives," said teacher Consuelo Blandón, the campus' academic secretary.

In this same sense, the deputy chancellor of the compound, PhD. Eugenio López, praised the work of organizing, logistics and disposition of all the staff of the venue so that the activity was carried out. López also highlighted "the quality of the works", ensuring that "what we see now as possible weaknesses, we will turn them into proposals for an upcoming edition to be even more prepared".

This event not only qualified in the student, but also in the community in general, where it highlights the prominence of the families of the boys and girls who participated in the international event. According to teacher Yamilex Aguilar, student welfare manager, "two mothers of resident students called to thank the university for taking their children into account, even one said she was proud to have her child studying at URACCAN. And hearing that is rewarding."

Master Marlon Peralta Mendoza, Director of the Institutional Information and Communication Technology System (SITICI-URACCAN), said that "it is time to see that we can generate in terms of creative activities, innovation, technologies from our university or venue, it is something that we can organize", highlighting the importance of participating in similar events.

Rally 2020 was covered full-time by both URACCAN's Intercultural Communication team and local and national media. The event undoubtedly encourages students to work in teams and make innovative proposals in the light of an institutional philosophy.