Health Science Teachers Reflect on Academic Performance
Working session to reflect and analyze the academic performance of the first educational cohort.
Neylin Calderon

The Academic Secretariat and the area of Health Sciences of URACCAN Bilwi campus held a working session with teachers of the first year of Intercultural Medicine, with the purpose of reflecting and analyzing student academic performance during the first educational cohort.

The activity is carried out in the framework of ensuring the training of men and women with educational relevance through the process of teaching-learning shared from the classrooms. Therefore, the faculty grows with comprehensive knowledge covering the ancestral and the Western, constantly updating itself for educational strengthening, so that the student community can be trained with commitment, quality and relevance to the multicultural context of the Autonomous Regions.

Dr. Ivania López, coordinator of the area of Health Sciences, said that these meetings are being held to initiate an evaluation process with teachers, considering that the first partial cohort has just been completed.

"We're doing a round of meetings with teachers, per year, to express some observations and assessments of what student performance has been like," explained Lopez, who was camped out by teacher Ivonne McLean, the campus's academic secretary.

The teachers who attended the meeting facilitate the subjects of Mathematics, Molecular Bases, English, Physiology, Anatomy and Intercultural Medicine. "They (teachers) were making their assessments, characterizing their students, to see how we can overcome some situations with students, so that they can get better grades and better attitudes at the end of the first semester," Lopez emphasized.

This was the first meeting with the teachers of the first year. Over the course of the week they will talk to other teachers who teach from the second to sixth year of the Intercultural Medicine career.

In parallel, evaluations are also being carried out with teachers of the career of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts.