Successful University Conference for Scientific Development at URACCAN Las Minas
Students and teaching researchers from URACCAN at the Las Minas campus.
José Garth Medina

Promoting regional development and strengthening autonomy

A total of eight researches were presented by students and researchers at the University Day of Scientific Development (JUDC) held at URACCAN campus Las Minas, on its campus in Siuna, as part of the celebration of the 33 years of Regional Autonomy on the Caribbean Coast and the 26 years of founding of URACCAN.

Teacher Sorayda Herrera Siles, academic secretary of Las Minas, welcomed the research students and research teachers who accompanied the JUDC process.

"This is a process that allows the recreation and creation of knowledge and wisdom to our students and the connoisseurs of our communities, and who seek to solve a problem that our community has," said teacher Herrera Siles.

Among the research presented are the project "Los Angeles", which is an entrepreneurial transformation project for local development, as it proposes a tourist development in the lagoon of Siuna, which today is used as a dumpster and for black water by villagers living in the area.

The project "Los Angeles" proposes to transform the area into a tourist center par excellence, which presents food sales areas, cayucos to tour the lagoon, a kiosk in the middle of the lagoon, pedestrian docks, canopy, which come to serve the families of the town. This project was developed by students of the career of Social Sciences with mention in Local Development.

Students consider the Siuna lagoon to be used as the wastewater center, and as an illegal dump by citizens living around it. This causes damage to the environment and the environment's population, causing health diseases and the project solves this problem.

Engineer Luis Herrera Siles, a research professor, presented a school safety map at the peri-urban centers of Siuna, highlighting that children in primary schools clearly identify their main dangers on their way home to school and vice versa.

Among the dangers that children consider in their journey, they highlight the excessive speed of vehicle and motorbike, the bars see them as a danger, the holes left open by those who work in artisanal mining, as well as the rivers.

Students of Social Sciences in Local Development also presented a mapping of three cooperatives, the fair market and UNEN.

Also presented was the research "Situation lived by the students of iv year of Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development before the coVID-19 pandemic", which highlights how traditional medicine in the prevention of this pandemic provided in the population.

The research "Community Ecotourism, Siuna 2019", presented by Deyling Torres highlights five tourist destinations that are potentially exploitable in Siuna for the offer of this service locally, nationally and internationally.

Research is a process carried out by URACCAN students in order to help solve problems that our communities have on the Caribbean Coast.