Students present their business projects to qualify for the seed capital provided by URACCAN
Phd. Eugenio López: URACCAN "intends to professionalize women and men with entrepreneurial spirit".
Judith Robleto

Promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students

Young people from different careers of URACCAN campus New Guinea, have presented and defended their ideas of innovative projects before an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Commission, with the intention of undertaking their own businesses, based on the support provided by this study house, through a seed capital, to its students.

As part of its Entrepreneur Support Program, URACCAN aims to contribute to the development of an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture among the entire university community, by supporting indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race men and women with creativity and with ideas of innovative projects.

For the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the university campus, "at URACCAN we are being effective in promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, as one of the main values added to vocational training".

Lopez also noted that "providing a seed fund is working on making the proposed word of the mission walk, which aims to professionalize women and men with entrepreneurial spirit."

Alexander Lopez, a third-year accounting student, who presented the project of a swine farm, thanked the university for funding what he sees as an opportunity to have financial income to help his family's livelihood. "Thanking the university for creating this seed fund that basically comes to create that entrepreneurial spirit in all the students of the university, giving us the opportunity to create our own business, which generates profit and are a source of jobs for other people," he said.

For her part, young Jasdania Kuan, from the fourth year of Accounting, said that "my project's initiative arises from the need for income, but I also have the knowledge of accounting that will allow me to put them into practice."

Rafael Amaya, student of the 4th. year of Systems Engineering, who presented his Oropel project, says that it has the demand in the market to be seen as an important item to market. "Oropel is perfumery and cosmetics, which since the use of technology we are already promoting, so the seed fund will be to expand the commercialization," the student explained.

In this sense, the engineer Hollaman Rojas Castillo, responsible for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship area of the venue, assured that the 7 presentations were "beautiful and novel, there is not one that stands out over the other, they are all very well worked and this has meant a work from previous months".

For Rojas Castillo, "URACCAN creates a seed fund to promote the development and application of knowledge in its students, contributing to the fulfillment of its institutional guidelines and contributing to sustainable development".