New professionals

By: Jose Garth

Four students, two of them from the area of Education and Languages and two from the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences, carried out their processes of completion of studies at URACCAN Las Minas.

The two students of Education Sciences and Languages, Jose Evenor Garcia Blandón and Blanca Nubia Tinoco Dávila, took their undergraduate exam where their juries were composed of the Sorayda Herrera Master and the PhD Jacoba Dávila Molina, reported the Rosa Montenegro master's degree coordinating the educational area of URACCAN Las Minas.

According to URACCAN's completion of studies regulations, students have 120 minutes to take the written exam and 90 minutes to take the oral exam, once completed, the jury meets and the final result is subsequently disclosed to the students.

In the afternoon hours, the teacher Sorayda Herrera, secretary of the jury, read reading to the defense record where both students successfully passed the undergraduate exam.

Likewise students graduated from the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Br. Neysi Rayo Osorio and Ingrid Reyes, presented their monographic work to the Qualifying Jury composed of MSc. Aidalina Balladares, MSc. White Carolina and PhD. Jacoba Dávila, with the aim of fulfilling the process of completing studies.

The two professionals carried out the research called "Impact of FONDEMUC credits on rural beneficiaries, Siuna 2018" accompanied by their tutor the Fausto Rayo Montoya master's degree.

In this way these four students of URACCAN Las Minas advance their process of completion of studies according to what establishes the institutional regulations of URACCAN.