Students from URACCAN campus Las Minas participate in virtual workshop on the use of new technologies
Virtual workshop on the use of new technologies in URACCAN enclosure Las Minas
Virtual workshop on the use of new technologies in URACCAN enclosure Las Minas
José Garth Medina

Computer students from URACCAN venue Las Minas participated in a virtual carvings of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), in which introductory talks were conducted to use technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, as well as concepts related to the cloud native world and TECHNOLOGIEs for CI/CD.

During the workshop, the regional network for the recruitment and preparation of talents in these technologies was also presented, with the accompaniment of students from the University of San Carlos, Guatemala; who shared their experiences on the subject through talks; in addition, they were as special guests, speakers from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Yesser Miranda, mentor of the Community of Technological Innovation of URACCAN Las Minas, shared on multi-platform technologies, which highlights the promotion of technological applications that allow short-term self-generation of income in students.

Appropriation of new technologies

According to the coordinator of the area of Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship of the venue, Joel Montenegro, "these spaces allow us to bring new technologies closer to our students, but not only to make them available, but to guide and stimulate creativity for technological development, innovation and the creation of technological scientifically based entrepreneurships", emphasized.

In addition, Sergio Méndez, leader of the Cloud Native Community, Guatemala; expressed its eagerness to continue collaborating with these spaces, and its enthusiasm for URACCAN's initiatives, to encourage student participation.

For his part, Cristhel Molina, a student of systems engineering at URACCAN Las Minas campus, commented that these events are important to complement the knowledge of the subjects with practical and up-to-date methodologies.

In addition, Farruk Chavarría, technical support technician of the venue, assured that the knowledge shared in this type of spaces serves as the basis for creating new theoretical experiences, but also to promote practice and self-taught customs in students.

Promoting innovation and intercultural community entrepreneurship

Finally, the PhD. Leonor Ruiz, vice-chancellor of URACCAN Recinto Las Minas, explained that the event is held in function and fulfillment of the institutional mission, as part of the strategic actions of innovation and entrepreneurship, promoted from the institutional statutes. In addition, the vice-chancellor thanked all the facilitators of Guatemala's Cloud Native Computing Foundation for their collaboration and willingness to share with URACCAN students and teachers.