Bluefields campus students representing URACCAN at Rally 2020 continue to train
Delvin Jiron: "These have been intensive days where we have been trained, where we feel that support from URACCAN."
Noel Aguilera

Tyler Moreno: "We're willing to give it our all and put URACCAN's name aloft."

In URACCAN Bluefields venue continues in the process of preparing students who will participate in the Latin American Innovation Rally 2020. With the aim of strengthening your knowledge, skills and teamwork skills, the Director of Graduate Tracking, MSc. Silvan Fagan, performed with them and them a dynamic of problem solving based on real facts.  

Master Fagan explained that, through this workshop, "they will culminate with a product that will provide solution to a problem or challenge, as a practice towards the challenge they will undertake on October 2 and 3. We are taking them through that process, so that they open their minds and be creative and innovative and that they can make a good representation of this university headquarters."

Young people reflect the enthusiasm and commitment to do an excellent job of obtaining satisfactory results, both for them and for this house of intercultural higher education.

Student Tyler Moreno stated that "for us it is something new that is creating a great level of impact because of the magnitude of responsibility we are taking on. From the moment we were selected, the university visualizes in us some talent that can contribute to each of the groups. At the moment there is quite nerve because it is an event that, in addition to competing with other URACCAN venues, we will be facing other universities at the national and Latin American level, but we also have a lot of satisfaction in terms of the support that the university is providing us: it has been intensive days when we have been trained, where we feel that support , as the issues have been timely. Personally I am returning to my daily life with new skills and knowledge that will bring much more to professional growth, we are willing to give everything and put the name of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure on hold."

Delvin Jirón, another student who will represent this university at Rally 20202, stated that, through the workshop taught by Master Fagan, "we are conducting a small test to see our capabilities in the course of the preparation that has been given to us in the face of the competition. Right now we are getting the idea that we are already in the Rally putting into practice the tools that will be useful to us within the event, including: how to work as a team, leadership and the right way to investigate, to know if our product is feasible and innovative."

URACCAN General Committee and agencies funding the event

The entire process of monitoring, training and accompaniment for the Rally will be carried out by a General Committee, guided by Rectory of URACCAN and consisting of the following areas: Center for Studies and Information of Multi-ethnic Women (CEIMM), Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI), Student Welfare, Directorate of External Cooperation, Academic Directorate, Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN) and System of Information Technology and Institutional Communication (SITICI). This entire interdisciplinary team is coordinated by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Directorate.

This event is sponsored by the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme (CARCIP), implemented by Telcor, with funding from the World Bank, and the Norwegian Student and Academic International Assistance Fund (SAIH).