Intercultural Nursing students on the New Guinea campus receive protective equipment
Students of Intercultural Nursing of the New Guinea campus, with their protective equipment.
Judith Robleto

The donation is part of the security protocol implemented by URACCAN

Students of the THIRD year of Intercultural Nursing who perform Specialization Practices at Jacinto Hernández Hospital in New Guinea, received equipment and materials for anti-COVID-19 protection from URACCAN Rectory as part of the institutional protocol. This valuable donation is financially supported by the Norwegian International Student and Academic Assistance Fund (SAIH).

In total, there are 55 face masks, safety lenses, surgical caps and gel bottles of alcohol. Through their hospital practices, intercultural nurses take responsibility for serving and applying their knowledge for patient care, receiving 12-hour shifts. The internship has full-time camping of URACCAN's professional nurse and teacher, MSc. Mary Raquel Machado.

For the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the New Guinea campus, "that our student has protective equipment against COVID-19, but against any other viruses that may exist in hospitals and health care center, is of the utmost importance, and that satisfies us, because we are complying not only with the academic, but also with the population, for which we prepare and also with our Mission , which speaks of our humanist sense, of our values, never forgetting the quality and warmth."

Institutional management in favor of students

The delivery of protective equipment had an investment, at the institutional level, of 95,680 córdobas; and, at the New Guinea campus level, it is worth 28,600, which was achieved thanks to the management of Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN; URACCAN National Student Union and Student Welfare; as well as SAIH's unconditional support.

For Katherine Huete Martínez, president of the UNEN-URACCAN Campus New Guinea, "as student leaders, the health of each of the students of our university is extremely important, in this way we consider the protection of each of them fundamental, realizing awareness of such a pandemic that we are carrying out protection, so that in this way they can carry out their practices at Jacinto Hernández Hospital and the different health posts".

URACCAN, from each of its enclosures and extensions, has created and implemented a protocol to protect life against COVID-19 and other contagious diseases, carrying out campaigns to spread different prevention actions.