Ecotourism students, videoconferencing with Ecuadorian expert
The Alcíbar Vera master's degree shared his experiences in community tourism management.
Author: Dayling Tórrez / Edition: Ricardo Guzmán

Strengthening university education, relevant and innovative

Students of the Senior Technician in Ecotourism of URACCAN enclosure Las Minas shared through a videoconference with the Ecuadorian master's degree Isidro Alcíbar Vera, of the Laica Eloy Alfaro Manabí University (ULEAM), who told them their experiences in the management of community tourism centers, emphasizing in the case of Lig-iqui-Manta of Ecuador.

Alcíbar Vera holds a master's degree in Tourism Business Management; he serves as a professor and researcher at ULEAM; and has extensive experience in community tourism, which is noted in its contributions to the initiative "of the Ligcaiqui community to welcome tourism as a sustainable economic alternative".

The academic activity between ecotourism students and the Ecuadorian master's degree was carried out within the framework of the subject Flora and Fauna, which aims to develop skills and knowledge on ecosystem tourism, environmental education, local and community culture, in order to reduce the negative impacts of conventional tourism.

This videoconference, which is part of URACCAN's various initiatives to strengthen the education of its students, also involved teachers, the MARENA delegate for the Mining Triangle and the director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation area of this community and intercultural institution.