URACCAN student movement Bilwi campus prepares pre-Student Congress activity
Representatives of the Student Movement at URACCAN Bilwi Campus
Representatives of the Student Movement at URACCAN Bilwi Campus
Neylin Calderon

Welcome to first-income students

From the student leadership of URACCAN Bilwi campus is organized the election of the new Miss UNEN 2021, to represent this venue at the IX Student Congress to be held in Bilwi.

In this sense, br. Ronald Maybeth, student representative of the Bilwi campus, stated that in 2020, for prevention and protection of the life of the student, the activity was not carried out, that is why this year a party will be held to be able to choose the sovereign beauty, talent and intelligence of this enclosure.

About the Student Congress

The Student Congress is scheduled for Saturday, February 27 and Sunday, February 28, 2021, where various delegations from all venues and their respective extensions will meet for an educational, sports and recreational party with the entire student community.

"The importance of these student congresses is to bring together all the venues, and guilds that make up the university," the representative explained, adding that during this activity there are sports and scientific days where the student community has the opportunity to present various research carried out by themselves.